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    President's Report

    Dear APICS member

    Our certified instructors (Joe Low, Brian Lewis, self) as well as Board members, Denyse Masserey, Michael Bruenig and
    Lorelyn Lugtu had the pleasure of spending this last weekend getting certified in the APICS Train the Trainer course. APICS
    requires our trainers to periodically renew their certifications so only qualified people facilitate your learning

    The trainers were Joyce Lewis, M A Ed, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD, CPM, APICS Master Training Instructor and Tamara Lantz, CPIM
    CSCP, CLTD, Associate Training instructor. They delivered 2 days of fun filled instruction in the art and science of training.

    We are quite happy they were able to make the trip from their home chapters to Winnipeg during our whiteout!


    Manohar Menon, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD
    President, Instructor - APICS Winnipeg Chapter Inc.

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    Membership Matters

    Spring is almost here...maybe?

    The Winnipeg APICS Chapter wants to give a big welcome to Jiawei Tang and Chitra Plaiwal. Also a big welcome to the
    gang from Boeing...
    . Divya Sahrawat, Flora Manyuru, Ricardo Ajero, Kellen Dick, Rajesh Gupta, Daniel Dmitrowicz,
    Eleanor Pangilinan, Sylvie Mckenzie, Daglenia Diaztorres, Paul Vaks, Lisa Wowk, Natalie Lissits, Vladislav Ulitsky.

    The Board appreciates everyone that renews their membership in a timely manner. Thank-you so much!
    If your company has several employees (5+) that would like to become APICS Plus members APICS now has a membership
    called SME Pro. This takes the place of the Enterprise membership. It is geared toward small to medium size
    companies that would have 5+ new APICS members. SME Pro members receive all of the same Plus membership benefits.
    Memberships are not transferable between employees. The rates are determined depending on how many memberships
    are purchased. Please have your company APICS champion contact any Board member or myself if you think your company
    would like to pursue this option.
    Denyse Masserey
    VP of Membership
    Winnipeg APICS Chapter

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    Hi Everyone,

    Are you an operations or supply chain leader within your organization looking for specific training for your team?
    If so, the APICS Winnipeg Chapter is just a click away! We can provide tailored corporate training to meet your needs.
    Contact us to learn more!

    Fall 2018 Course Schedule:
    University of Manitoba

    APICS - CPIM Part 2 (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) (Sep to Nov)
    Colin Girouard, CPIM
    Vice-President, Education
    APICS Winnipeg Chapter

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    Student Chapter

    I’m pleased to announce that Max Block has been elected as incoming UMSCO President along with Kyra Fanning as Vice - President in 2018- 2019. Max and Kyra are going to their 4th year in the Asper School, pursuing a major in Supply Chain and Logistics Management. They have been involved in different leadership roles in the Asper School and highly engaged in UMSCO’s activities in the past years. I strongly believe that our student chapter will become stronger under their management.
    In this 2017-2018, UMSCO has successfully organized our first case competition for students in Asper. We also hosted our annual networking event for 50 students with 12 companies. We sent two teams to compete at the national APICS case competitions and SCMA case competitions. Our APICS team won the first place in Canada. Additionally, we organized 3 guest speaker sessions throughout the year. It is our pleasure to support the academic and professional development of our students who are doing a major in Supply Chain management. 
    This year would not have been a success without the generous support that our corporate partners, SCMA Winnipeg Chapter, APICS Winnipeg Chapter and Asper School have provided us throughout. We sincerely hope that this association will be maintained and that you will continue to support us in our future events. 
    All the best to the new Executive Team and UMSCO in 2018-2019. 

    Kim Ngan Phan, President
    University of Manitoba Supply Chain (UMSCO)
    University of Manitoba APICS Student Chapter

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    Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the 
    author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of APICS. Neither APICS nor the author(s) assume, and
    hereby disclaim, any liability for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or
    omissions resulted from negligence, accident or other causes.

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    Well spring has finally arrived!  What a long winter!  Time to get out and enjoy the sunshine!  

    Now that the weather is better, it would be great to see more members out.

    Please take time to register for the North Forge tour on Tuesday, April 24th. This is a little different than our usual manufacturing tours.  North Forge is a Technology exchange company.  It is a powerhouse community to fuel Manitoba's innovation economy by providing entrepreneurs with award-winning mentors, subject matter experts and a two-stage startup program that have helped over 60 companies!  Robert Elms will host the tour and promises to transform all participants to a bizarre shade of bluish-green.   I guess those who are attending will find out what he has in store for us!

    If you have any suggestions for events or plant tours, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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