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    President's Report

    Dear APICS member
    I am pleased to announce the election of Denyse Masserey to the position of VP Finance on the Board. Colin Girourd will continue to lead the VP Education portfolio as he has been doing for the last few years.
    Cindy Harry (VP Events), Mandy Wiens (VP Communication), Michael Bruenig (VP Administration), Lorelyn Lugtu, Director Membership and I will continue in our roles
    We are extremely fortunate as a Chapter to have a wonderful team of professionals willing to share their time to promote Chapter activities
    We also bid goodbye to Joe Low our outgoing VP Finance who has ably led the Chapter in various roles for well over a decade. Joe is leaving the Board to pursue other opportunities.but will assist Denyse in transitioning to the Finance role. We wish Joe all success and will miss him at our Chapter Board meetings
    Have a great summer!
    Manohar Menon, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD
    President, Instructor - APICS Winnipeg Chapter Inc.

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    Membership Matters

    I would like to welcome the following new members to the Winnipeg APICS Chapter:
    Ning Ma and Christopher Wu. 

    Summer is upon us. It is already June! I know for myself this year seems to be flying by. I hope that everyone is able to take some time for a bit of relaxation this summer. 
    Please help our Chapter by maintaining continuous membership with prompt renewal at your expiration date. This is important to the success of our Chapter as it is a source of funding and keeps our Chapter strong.
    If you know anyone that would like to become an APICS member please pass along my contact information. If you are already a member and were considering volunteering on the Board, please reach out to me at the email address below or contact any Board member. You are welcome to attend a Board Meeting where we can walk you thru the different portfolios to see what might interest you.  It is also important that you keep your contact information current at APICS.org so that you don’t miss out on local APICS events. We hope to see at upcoming tours and events.  
    Denyse Masserey
    VP of Membership
    Winnipeg APICS Chapter

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    Hi Everyone,

    Fall 2018 Course Schedule:
    University of Manitoba

    CPIM Part 2 (Tuesdays) Beginning September 11th, 2018 from 6PM to 9PM
    CPIM Part 1 (Thursdays) Beginning September 13th, 2018 from 6PM to 9PM
    CSCP (Thursdays) Beginning September 13th, from 6PM to 9 PM


    Colin Girouard, CPIM
    Vice-President, Education
    APICS Winnipeg Chapter

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    It's that time of the year when we take a break for the summer and come back refreshed in September!

    Unfortunately due to low registration, we will now have the North Forge tour in September.  Please take time to register as we have been promised to have a very unforgettable experience there.  The new date for this tour will be Monday, September 17th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

    Have a safe and wonderful summer!

    If you have any suggestions for events or plant tours, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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