CPIM Certification Exam Information

    CPIM and CSCP Certification Exam On Line Testing Is Now Available In Winnipeg!

    We are please to announce that on line certification testing for all courses within the CPIM and CSCP programs is now available in Winnipeg. As a result, the Board of Directors has decided that they will discontinue the paper & pencil certification exams except where company in-house courses have been taught.

    There are some significant advantages to the students writing the on-line exams:

    • Exams are offered 52 weeks a year. This means that you have the flexibility to schedule your exam at your convenience. The only restriction being that you will have to wait 30 days before being allowed to re-write an exam if you fail.
    • You will register to write the exam on line and can do so as late as the day before you want to write the exam. (Some restrictions may apply – see below)
    • Instant results! Your final mark is available as soon as you finish your exam. You will be given a copy of your mark for your records.
    • All final marks are automatically transmitted to APICS head office.
    • Students may cancel or reschedule their certification exams on-line.

    The on-line registration and the on-line exams not only provide more flexibility but also make the process more efficient because the student has complete control of the process.

    Each CPIM Certification Exam is $190 USD PLUS member $290 USD CORE member $290 USD Nonmember

    APICS certification exam testing is provided by Pearson Vue http://www.pearsonvue.com/apics
    The examination centre in Winnipeg is at EPIC Information Solutions, 167 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2B7, phone: 1-204-975-7100, e-mail info@epic.ca

    Certification Exam Registration Process

     *** new as of November 1st 2013  ***

    1) Obtain an Authority to Test (ATT)  - Here (you must do this first inorder to proceed with exam registration)
    2) Log on to the Pearson Vue web site http://www.pearsonvue.com/apics
    3) You will need to create an account - make sure you have your APICS Member ID. 

    Please note that you must register via Pearson Vue and cannot register through the EPIC Information Solutions testing facility.

    Examination Process

    On the date of your exam, you are to show up ½ hour before your exam at the EPIC Information Solutions . There, the candidate will sign in, provide a photo ID, have their photo taken and will be shown to the private testing room assigned for APICS certification testing.

    Once there, the candidate will run through a tutorial that will explain how the on-line exam works and allow her/him to become familiar with the on screen commands.

    At all times there will be a proctor from EPIC Information Solutions in the room to oversee the exam.

    Once the candidate has completed the exam, they will follow the on screen commands to sign out. The proctor will then run a report confirming the candidate’s exam mark and will give it to the candidate. A copy of the candidate’s mark will be transmitted automatically to APICS Head Office.

    The number of questions and the time provided for each exam is the same as for the paper & pencil exam.

    Note for students that are not APICS members: When registering for a certification exam on the Pearson Vue  web site, the candidate is prompted for their APICS membership number. Non-APICS members must contact APICS Customer Service to obtain a registration number that can be used in lieu of an APICS membership #. APICS Customer Service can be contacted via phone at 866-583-8949.

    If you have any questions about the testing process or registration contact the chapter office at 204-942-5767 or email apics@apics.mb.ca