Continuing education is the key to professional growth in today's competitive workforce. To provide you with the latest in industry tools, techniques, and terminology, APICS has developed comprehensive educational and certification programs designed to meet the needs of any resource management professional. The format, function, and preparation methods are different for each program, offering a unique experience with each course.

    The APICS - Winnipeg Chapter provides educational offerings throughout Winnipeg and rural Manitoba. We also will provide educational services to Saskatchewan and North Dakota. Through various delivery methods such as in classroom sessions, in-house sessions and correspondence training the Winnipeg Chapter tries to provide the right training, at the right time, in the right location for individuals or businesses.

    The CPIM and CSCP level of courses are used as a preparation tools for the certification exams that are delivered by a local testing centre on APICS behalf. Taking the courses does not guarantee a passing mark but will increase the chances of a passing mark. For more information on the certification process and the other educational opportunities available, check out the links below.

    CPIM - Certified in Production & Inventory Management

    CSCP - Certified Supply Chain Professional

    CFSCM - Customer Focused Supply Chain Management

    Principles & Fundamental Courses

    What We Offer

    Instructor Led Courses
    The Winnipeg Chapter offers the CPIM and CSCP certification preparatory courses in instructor led environments. The delivery method allows the student to interface not only with an experienced instructor but to interface with other students from different industries. We have found that for many of our past students the classroom setting helps them prepare for tackling the actual certification exams. The students found that the information concerning instructor/student experiences and questions raised by students helped prepare them for the examinations.
    The Winnipeg Chapter offers the 10 - 3 hour session offering to those people that find it difficult to commit to 3-4 full day sessions. The 10 session also offers the student the chance to reflect on the information presented in each class. At the moment, these instructor-led courses are being offerred virtually via Zoom. Course Calendar

    On Site Training
    The Winnipeg Chapter also offers APICS sponsored courses taught in-house to companies with 10 or more employees wanting to take the same course at the same time. The number of sessions can be modified to suit a company as long as the course content can be covered in the time allotted. We will negotiate each company in-house training course to ensure that both the company's training need and the course content is not compromised.

    Self Study Method
    The CPIM and CSCP series of preparatory courses are also available through Self Study and On-line Training.
    Self study is as it states that a person will work on their own to study in preparation for writing the certification exam. Study materials may be purchased directly from the APICS Bookstore in Alexandria Virginia or through this chapter. The website for the Bookstore is

    Online Study Method
    The other method is to register with an on-line training company. APICS HQ recognizes Weber University in Utah to handle this style of training. The website is as follows . If you have any questions concerning this option please contact Weber State University directly.

    If you have questions concerning any of the above formats feel free to contact the chapter office 204-942-5767 or [email protected]